Altus Engineering

Altus' core competency is in the area of Engineering analysis, with a broad focus on supporting survivability analysis for ground and air combat systems, subsystems, and personnel. Altus provides our customers with experts in mechanical, biomechanical, biomedical, chemical, and electrical engineering disciplines. Altus engineers perform analyses on military systems using data from research and development efforts, field tests, and through use of validated simulation and modeling software (oftentimes developed by Altus software developers). Altus engineers utilize a wide range of survivability analysis software including ORCA, BRL-CAD, MUVES2, VAID, and others. Engineering services include:

  • Survivability, Lethality, Vulnerability (SLV) Analysis
  • Computer modeling of military land and air systems
  • Analysis of various battlefield ballistic threats including variations in impact points and angles
  • CAD modeling of military systems and translation of models to usable formats
  • Battlefield threat simulation
  • Live and simulated testing and data acquisition
  • Modeling, test, and analysis of ammunition compartmentation and associated modeling and simulation tools
  • Metrology modeling of military equipment