Altus Engineering

Altus Engineering is a certified small business based in Darlington, Maryland. President and owner Tony Steelman founded Altus in 2003 to deliver high-quality engineering services to the U.S. Department of Defense. Altus works as both a prime contractor and subcontractor to support government programs in that market by providing professional services that fulfill customer technical needs.

Altus’ number one priority is enhancing and ensuring the safety of the Warfighter. That is why many of our engineers, scientists, and analysts work to study and improve the survivability and protection levels of military systems. From tanks and personnel carriers to helmets and vests, Altus employees strive to make certain that military systems give our brave service men and women the protection and advantages they deserve.

Altus mainly provides support in the form of software design and integration, research-based and engineering analyses of existing systems (including modeling and simulation), and design and validation of development-phase systems. Although Altus specializes in the development of software used for survivability analysis and the research associated to these developments, our team members are qualified and ready to work on a wide range of engineering, analysis, research, and computer science projects.