Altus Engineering

Altus Engineering has a team of hard-working, self-motivated individuals with skills in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, chemical and biological analysis, project management, and administrative support. Altus focuses hiring decisions on demonstrated technical competence as well as the leadership and communication skills needed to fully understand and efficiently respond to customer needs.

The Altus team works to maintain clear lines of communication with customers and to meet customer schedules for reports, deliverables, and project completion. Altus employees comply with all regulations set forth by the Department of Defense and its subgroups including classification regulations.

Careers with Altus

Altus does not discriminate in hiring or in the course of work based on race, color, sex, religion or national origin. Furthermore, Altus employs qualified individuals with a wide range of educational levels, experiences, and skill sets necessary to meet different workplace challenges.

Altus treats employees with respect and care. Cooperation between the company and its employees allows individual needs and the demands of personal life to coexist with corporate policy. Altus offers a competitive compensation, benefits, and career-development/tuition reimbursement package to its employees. If you would like to learn about current employment opportunities, contact us.

Current Job Opportunities