Altus Engineering

Altus Engineering is a limited liability company based in Darlington, Maryland. CEO Tony Steelman founded Altus in 2003 to provide engineering services to the U.S. Department of Defense. Altus works as both a prime contractor and subcontractor on various government projects connected with the Department of Defense. As a certified small business, Altus maintains a streamlined, efficient financial infrastructure that allows it to offer competitive prices to the government for diverse engineering services. The work performed by Altus helps increase the survivability of military tactical systems and thus the safety of the service men and women who use them. Altus provides engineering support in the form of software design and integration, modeling and simulation of existing systems, computer testing and development, and evaluation and analysis of military systems. Altus specializes in design and modification of software used for survivability analysis, but remains qualified and ready to work on a wide range of engineering and computer science projects.

CEO Tony Steelman, B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland (1987), has a background as a control system engineer in the nuclear power industry and more than a decade of experience in the management of engineering services companies. His small businesses provide field engineers, operations and maintenance technicians, analysts, computer scientists, software developers, budget analysts, and other specialized subject matter experts (SMEs) to support Government contracts and the private sector.

In addition to providing hands-on business leadership and marketing for Altus, Mr. Steelman is an experienced project manager, systems engineer, recruiter, and business consultant. Following his lead, the Altus team of scientists and professionals boasts a high level of education and experience with over 85% of the Altus team having 4-year technical and professional degrees. Further, more than 30% of the staff have further advanced their education, earning Masters and/or Doctoral degrees in engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, physiology, and/or business disciplines. Moreover, many Altus employees have worked in their respective field for decades, accruing specialized knowledge of Department of Defense systems; key military equipment and platforms; and the application, development, and tailoring of customized software packages for modeling and analysis.

Altus is a General Services Administration approved provider of Professional Engineering Services for the United States Government under GSA Schedule Contract GS-10F-0155V.

Academic and work credentials are not enough to truly define Altus employees. Their work ethic, leadership abilities, and communication skills set them apart from their peers and facilitate work on DoD projects. Throughout each project, Altus engineers demonstrate complete responsibility and a determination to solve problems as they arise. Leadership is an integral trait of the Altus team as many of our employees assume managerial roles, orchestrating complex projects involving multiple engineers and scientists. Ethical, financial, and environmental integrity are held as priorities in every Altus project. Partnering with Altus makes sense, because we offer excellence in engineering services at a competitive price.